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Explore our services through which we could help find the best way to utilize your DNA, either if you are a food-lover or you get excited when you find the most suitable cosmetics for yourself.


Performing a genomic analysis is possible to personalize the administered dose of statins. Statins are the most commonly prescribed medication to treat hypercholesterolemia. However, 1 in 3 patients experiences side effects, most notably myopathy. This differential response is due to the different genetic background of each of us. The SLCO1B1 gene, and specifically the rs4149056 polymorphism, regulates the metabolism of statins. According to FDA and EMA, there are official guidelines for the recommended dosage of statins based on the patient’s genotype. Our goal is to make this genetic analysis easier and more accessible to everyone by conducting it in a portable molecular biology laboratory and minimizing the needed time.

Gene Tasting

Our services involve conducting genetic tests on small amounts of saliva sample to look at DNA and detect specific mutations associated with the different taste perceptions of foods such as different varieties of wine, oil, or coffee. It has been found that there are specific genes and mutations in them linked to each person’s different taste while consuming the above products. That information can be useful as it enables the examinee to approach the idea of personalized shopping, obtaining the most proper products according to its genetic profile, minimizing the trial-and-error method with other products until the proper one be found and thereby saving money.


It only needed small amounts of saliva sample to perform a genetic test and detect specific mutations in genes related to premature skin aging, hair loss (alopecia), and skin sensitivity. The analysis information can ensure that the examinee has a specific condition or not and the possibility of occurrence in the future. However, the test cannot determine when the condition may show and how severe it might be. The prior knowledge enables obtaining the proper, according to each person’s genetic profile, products to slow the condition’s development and/or its therapy, leading to a 100% effective and personalized treatment and saving money by avoiding continuous testing of less suitable products.